Ignite your business with gratitude and impact!

ThankU combines saying thank you with environmental impact to help businesses strengthen human relationships by showing genuine appreciation in a playful and meaningful way.

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Sara, we planted 20 trees to thank you for your awesome job!
Paul, HR Manager

Why ThankU for Business

ThankU is a simple and fast to use tool to show appreciation, boost marketing and create environmental impact at the same time.

Start saying ThankU now and let your business benefit from the positive effects that gratitude and environmental commitment has on your employees, customers and business partners:

Happier and more productive employees
Better team culture
Stronger business relationships
Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
More user engagement

Our clients

How it works

Using ThankU is super easy and fun

1. Enter your personal ThankU message
2. Choose from one of three environmental projects
3. Define your ThankU’s impact for the planet, and …
4. Send the ThankU to the recipient. Done!

Do good and talk about it

All ThankUs will be collected on your branded ThankU page. And if you like, you can easily share them on social media


Employee Recognition

Increase your team’s happiness, productivity and sense of purpose with ThankU!

Appreciate your employees by sending them a ThankU: for a job well done. For their birthday. For an anniversary. Allow your employees to exchange ThankUs peer to peer. ThankUs gamified approach engages your team to exchange ThankU messages and to create environmental impact at the same time! Display your team’s environmental impact on your company-branded ThankU Page.

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Sales Acceleration

Pre-meeting, follow up or celebrate a deal: Pick up the thread of conversation with your sales leads in a positive and unobtrusive way with ThankU!

Ghosted again? Get back into the conversation with your sales leads:  surprise them with a ThankU and regain their genuine attention. Show that you value them and the planet. And ultimately: increase the quality of your sales relationships and boost your sales success!

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Online Survey Push

Watch your surveys’ completion rates take off by simply integrating ThankU into the survey process!

Another boring customer satisfaction survey that your users click away quickly? Not with ThankU! Give your participants a real purpose and tell them that they can do good with their survey participation. But not with the usual discount voucher, but with a tree, 10 sqm of saved rainforest or a kilo of plastic pulled from the oceans!

ThankU is Google Forms ready. For other survey tools ThankU offers an individual implementation on demand.

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Automation Tool Boost

Are you automating certain tasks with automation tools like Zapier or IFTTT? Then our ThankU integration for automation tools  is exactly what you need!

Enrich your automated workflows with gratitude and impact with the help of ThankU! The integration is Webhook based and super quick! Once integrated, any Event can trigger an automated ThankU and surprise your business partners and colleagues with a personal ThankU by email!

ThankU is Zapier and IFTTT ready. For other automation tools ThankU offers an individual implementation on demand.

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eCommerce Shops Loyalty

Strengthen marketing and grow customer loyalty with a surprise ThankU after checkout!

Address the constantly growing group of eco-conscious consumers, increase the return rate and keep your name in good memory by showing genuine gratitude through real environmental action. Deliver your ThankUs on auto-pilot when someone finishes the checkout process in your online store.

Benefit from an automated, widget-based integration of ThankU into your shop system. It is a small, one time integration effort, but a long term positive effect on return rate, spending volume and your businesses environmental footprint!

ThankU is Shopify ready. For all other shop systems like Magento or WooCommerce ThankU offers an individual implementation on demand.

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Newsletter Signup Boost

Boost the number of newsletter sign ups with ThankU!

Motivate website visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Tell your website visitors that their sign up is much appreciated. Instead of receiving the usual discount voucher they help planting trees, saving the rainforest or pulling plastic from the ocean by signing up to your newsletter.

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Holiday and Anniversary Greetings

A thank you with environmental impact is always tasteful, up-to-date and leaves a long-lasting smile, especially on special occasions!

Are you also tired of paper christmas cards and shopping vouchers as an anniversary gift? Then surprise your employees and business partners with something with a purpose: a ThankU!

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Offline Campaigns

Just say "thank you" to your target audience with ThankU QR codes and show that your campaign stands out from the crowd!

Add ThankUs to your out-of-home billboards, greeting cards, product packages and promo materials etc.. It is super easy: just print ThankUs via a QR code on any physical carrier and activate your offline audience with a personal ThankU message!

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Our Partner Projects

With every ThankU you can choose to support one of the three projects presented here.

Clean the ocean from plastic waste

If you would like to help rid the seas of plastic waste, ThankU will support sevencleanseas.com. Seven Clean Seas is a social enterprise based in Singapore. Since its foundation in 2018, thousands of volunteers have helped to remove over 400 tons of plastic from the oceans and beaches.

Plastic not only pollutes the environment but also endangers marine, bird and coral life. 100,000 marine animals are losing their lives to it every year. Seven Clean Seas hosts beach clean up events with locals and tourists to fight plastic pollution.

Protect wildlife habitats

If you want to protect wildlife, ThankU will support Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco. Jocotoco, an Ecuadorian non-governmental organization (NGO), has been protecting the habitats of Ecuador's most endangered birds since 1998, thus contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. Jocotoco achieves this goal by acquiring strategic land and managing it as biological reserves.

To date, the Jocotoco foundation has established a network of sixteen reserves in Ecuador, which together protect around 24,500 hectares. Although these reserves were created to protect the habitats of more than 900 bird species, they protect all the wildlife living in them, including large and rare mammals such as the spectacled bear, mountain tapir, puma and jaguar.

Plant trees

If you decide to support the planting of new trees, ThankU will support the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.

Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create a sustainable impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for the locals, and restore biodiversity.

ThankU is ready to use for

Start using ThankU for Business  today!

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